Yesterday morning I received an email from my public library letting me know that one of the books I have out is due this Tuesday. Not exactly a blog-worthy subject, and yet...

Here's what usually happens when I get one of these emails:

  1. I move the listed book to the top of my pile, forsaking everything else I'm reading to try and finish this "newcomer" before I have to return it. 
  2. I rush through the book and instead of enjoying it I hear my inner critic snicker about how much of a flake I am, and how I'll never read all of the books I own.
  3. Finish. Return. Repeat.

Only this time there was a break in the cycle. A new voice inside me that said "Why not just return the book? In fact, why not just return all the books you have out?"

It was like magic. All of a sudden this commitment to read everything I own became a way out. An opportunity for me to change my pattern and choose to be the girl who follows through. The girl who doesn't set herself up to fail. 

Goodbye snickering. Hello pride.

Do you find it takes major shifts to change your patterns, or are subtle shifts just as effective? Is there a cycle you've been wanting to break? Why not break it today?

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